Car Black Box Auxiliary Battery, Heung-bok, CEO of THINKWARE recently announced that the company was launched iVolt Connected, a new auxiliary battery for black boxes.
iVolt Connected features sharing of real-time battery information via iVolt app installed on a smartphone that enables real-time monitoring of battery running state, I/O voltage, temperature, and the time remaining for battery discharge even outside of the vehicle.
When iNavi QXD1000 Alpha black box is installed alongside, it can also monitor black box information such as motion and impact detection in real time. The launch of new models connectable to black boxes is scheduled in the future.
iVolt Connected is made by using lithium iron phosphate which is a stable, environmentally friendly battery with a lifespan more than three times longer than conventional lithium, ion, and nickel-based batteries, as well as has excellent stability against fire and explosion.
And the circuit design for safety has secured both performance and safety by preventing overcharging and overdischarge and with a protection circuit for battery cell balance.
In the meantime, a built-in intelligent battery sensor stops the generator when the battery is considered properly charged while taking account of the voltage, current, and temperature, allowing efficient use of the vehicle battery.
Other functions include the automatic temperature control to automatically shut off the power to protect the connected black box when the battery temperature exceeds 80 degrees C while charging. It also features a quick charge function for the battery to last up to 32 hours with about one-hour charging. An extended battery can last up to 64 hours.
“The iVolt Connected is a product for drivers who worry about battery discharge when parking for a long time for it allows real-time monitoring of the battery status by using a smartphone. Thus, it is expected to broaden the use of black boxes through the Connected function and a stable power supply,” explained the THINKWARE representative. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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