Kumho Tire to Supply Tires to Volkswagen Atlas

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryKumho Tire Co., Ltd. recently announced that it will supply OE (tires for new cars) for the 2018 new models of Atlas, Volkswagen’s large SUV.
The Volkswagen Group, ranked as the first place in global sales of complete vehicles in 2017, is a global leading automaker having famous brands of Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini and Porsche.
Atlas is the first full-size seven-seater SUV developed by Volkswagen to target the North American market, where big SUVs such as family vans and pickup trucks are popular, and it has the largest body among Volkswagen SUVs ever produced.
In addition, equipped with VR6 3.6L gasoline engine, Atlas boasts of a maximum output of 280 horsepower and has received the Five-star Safety Rating in the highest safety test conducted by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
The 2018 Atlas will be equipped with Crugen Premium KL33, Kumho’s best-selling tire exclusively for SUV.
The Crugen series of Kumho Tire was developed in line with the emergence of urban SUVs. Perfectly equipped with such functions as handling, braking, stability in high-speed driving, etc. on the road to realize sports performance optimized for the high performance SUV, Crugen series is well known in the overseas market as well as in South Korea as the tire exclusively for SUV.
In particular, Crugen Premium, the standard of SUV tires, is the product that enables the drivers to feel quietness and a comfortable ride in a luxury sedan, even in SUVs. The upgraded silica compound material has improved fuel efficiency and the optimized platform has been applied to ensure the quality and quietness of the ride.

Such functions as the tread pattern, designed to improve driving stability and reduce abrasion, inner block semi-knurling (punching block surfaces to prevent slipping), 3D block, and four wide drainage grooves make stable driving possible even in the rain.
The Volkswagen Atlas that has been manufactured at the Chattanooga plant in Tennessee, USA since November 2016 is sold to Latin America, the Middle East and Russia, including North America. Tires for Atlas are produced in Kumho’s Gwangju Plant.
Mr. Jo Man-sik, senior vice president in charge of product development 1 of Kumho Tire Co., Ltd. said, “As the OE supply to 2018 Atlas this time means that Kumho’s products are supplied in large quantities as the main specifications, we can say that the product quality and our technological prowess have been recognized. Kumho Tires will strive to develop and supply tires exclusively for SUV so that we can satisfy both customers and drivers in response to the rapidly increasing demand for SUVs.”

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