Commercial Recycler of Food Waste[INQ. NO. 1807M08] JNH Company’s commercial recycler of food waste is able to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic by drastically improving decomposition speed and odor due to the adoption of the organic waste disposal method using carrier.
The commercial recycler of food waste has remarkably improved not only decomposition speed and odor problem, but also power consumption with the treatment method using the mid and high-temperature microorganisms. The food waste discharges can be used as compost because they have been judged to be suitable for by-product composting by the Agricultural Science Research Institute.
Easy to use, this product can help users reduce the disposal cost and burden caused by the increase of food waste disposal fee and solve the inconvenience of throwing food waste at a designated place.
Food waste discharges can be used as compost, helping reduce the environmental pollution. In addition, this product has an effect of creating a favorable view as you need not stack food, and you need not endure bad smell due to microbes and H/W structure that prevents odor. The related party of JNH Company said, “We will strive to become a global leader typically thinking about the environment by enhancing the competence of the existing business and pursuing continuous development through ceaseless R&D based on our technological prowess recognized in the world market and endless challenges.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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