Forming Machine for Paper Plates[INQ. NO. 1807M15] Founded in 2011, SIORCHEM has been professionally engaged in manufacturing of high- quality forming machines for paper plates. Despite its shorter business history than competitors both domestically and overseas, the company has been successfully releasing new concept worldclass paper plates and various molds according to customer’s requirements based on its own sincere craftsmanship and patented Hi-Tech engineering skills.
Now, representatively, two models – eCo Power 9600 and eCo Power 6500 – are leading the company’s efforts to increase its market presence in the nation. The two models adopt an automatic two way drive as a drive system. Weighing 3,000kgs, the former can produce 9,600 paper plates on an 8 hours daily basis. This model’s maximized speed is 18~20rpm. The electric consumption for the 9600 model is approximately 30kw/h.
The latter is also used for production of paper plates. With the weight of 2,300Kgs, it can manufacture 6,500 paper plates for 8hr. The recommended working distance is 140mm. The electric consumption for 6500 model is a 25kw/h. This model’s maximized speed can be reached at 18~20rpm. For this year, the company was determined to more aggressively seek potential overseas markets with the two highly competitive, attractive products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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