Cryogenic Liquid Gas Cylinder LNG Vehicle Fuel Cylinder[INQ. NO. 1807M19] Established in 1996, HanbeeCryo Co., Ltd. is the only company in S. Korea to produce cryogenic liquid gas cylinder (LGC) for over 20 years. HanbeeCryo produces only cylinders that pass the inspection according to the inspection items specified in Code KGS (Korea Gas Safety Corporation) AC 213 & 416. Currently two representative cylinders – Cryogenic Liquid Gas Cylinder, LNG Vehicle Fuel Cylinder – are especially being manufactured to lead its advance into overseas markets with noticeable merits.
HanbeeCryo manufactures cylinders with accumulated technology and know-how for manufacturing cryogenic liquefied gas cylinders for industrial use, resulting in high-quality products, featuring 90% insulation technology that does not bend for five days even when fully charged is applied. Design was intended for easy replacement of parts in case of problems. Advanced technologies of cylinder design and manufacturing are applied, the company can thus respond promptly to requirements of customers, regardless of pressures, sizes, volumes or vehicle models for LNG fuel cylinders. HanbeeCryo has developed cylinders for storing and transportation of liquefied gases (LO2, LN2, LAr, LCO2, LNG, etc.). Those are being produced through a strict inspection process prescribed by high pressure gas related regulations and laws. HanbeeCryo has been supplying the LGC with economical prices by diversifying the specifications of the desired products according to the needs of the consumers by capacity and pressure by the R&D and management of the advanced technique since its establishment. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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