Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Coils a company specialized in rolling, Daehong Kostech Co. Ltd. performs skin pass rolling of steel coils (SPCC) supplied by POSCO to meet precise thickness tolerance and physical properties (high strength, hardness, elongation, roughness, flatness) that customers require. Thanks to its accomplishments and ceaseless R&D activities in the rolling technology of cold steel products, the company received the “Bronze Tower” Industrial Award from the President of Korea.
The Cold Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet (CR) is produced by going through annealing and skin pass rolling after removing the scale from the surface (Pickling process) and after rolling to the degree of up to 0.15 ~ 3.2 mm in thickness with the hot rolled coil as its material.
Compared with the hot rolled steel sheet, the cold rolled steel sheet is thinner and has excellent thickness precision, beautiful, and flat surface and workability. According to such characteristics, this product is either directly used for cars, home appliances, office mechanisms, vehicles and construction, etc., or as the base plate for plating with zinc, aluminum, tin and chromium, etc. The main applications include car elements, friction plates, clutches, flux bands, industrial elements, piston plates, auto transmissions, etc.
The Hot Rolled Steel Plate is produced by the hot strip mill, which a rolled product at high temperature of more than approximately 800˚C. The hot rolled product secures the quality of the material by going through the cooling process after re-heating the slab produced from the continuous caster and after high-speed rolling to the size requested by the consumer, and then manufactured by cooling it to the coil status.
This steel plate is a relatively thick hot-rolled steel plate manufactured mainly by a four-speed reversing rolling mill and the plate with a thickness of more than 6mm is called a steel plate and the plate with a thickness of more than 100mm is called an ultra-thick steel plate.
This product is used for diverse usages such as important welded structures, structure of cars, home appliances, construction materials, high-pressure gas containers and oil pipelines, etc.
The main characteristics of their requirements include chemical components, materials, dimensions, shape, surface and inner quality, and welding and processing can be required depending on the usage. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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