Fiber Filter its founding in 2016, WIDU has achieved impressive growth by emphasizing a number of managerial priorities for client satisfaction and services as a brand new company.
WIDU has been striving to focus on R&D for fiber filtration technology. With its technical experience and capability as well as its unflinching spirit of devotion to the clients, WIDU aims to be a leading company in the field of water environment with the distribution of high quality fiber filtration products to the global market.
WiFi filter is an abbreviation for Widu fiber filter. It is a “pull or rotation-type fiber filtration device” that uses fiber material with active carbon inside a filter to improve water quality of water purification plants, sewage treatment plants and wastewater plants.
This fiber filter controls filtering gap and backwash gap through compression or relaxation by pulling and rotating the medium inside the filter. Water is filtered by pulling fiber hanging at the top and bottom and compressing it through rotation.

When the water level or pressure reaches the preset value, compressed fiber is relaxed and rotated to enlarge the gap. Air and backwash water are introduced at the same time through the bottom of the fiber medium for backwashing. Fiber medium that contains active carbon can partially improve colors in addition to removing SS and removing turbidity. Filtration and backwashing efficiencies are improved by varying the filling factor of medium and thickness of fiber.
This fiber filter can be used in filtration facilities to utilize water for waterfront areas and used at advanced sewage and wastewater filtration facilities. It is designed for water purification facilities for villages in developing and poorest countries. It is designed for filtration facilities to remove suspended solids for the circulation of processed water. It is adopted at filtration facilities for reuse systems. It is also popular for use in recirculated filtration facilities for farms and cooling water. It is also used in other places that require removal of suspended solids. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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