Fire Resistant Safes and Cabinets its founding in 1971, BOOIL SAFES has provided high-quality, fire-resistant safes, fire-resistant filing cabinets, anti-burglary safes, hotel safes and steel safes, which are made in its plant utilizing state-of-the-art technology and equipment.
BOOIL SAFES has specialized in manufacturing strong fire resistant safes and filing cabinets and led the Korean safes industry for more than 40 years. Its determination and creative technology have kept the company at the forefront in building Korea into a safe-producing nation.
BOOIL’s fire resistant safes and cabinets are manufactured with fireproof materials that are low in heat conduction and effective in blocking heat in order to protect valuables safely from fire. By maximizing the degree of precision between the door and the main body, these safes and cabinets have been designed to endure external shock and forced pressure from arson, chemical expansion of filing matters and congelation.
Data Safes are designed to safely protect important storage devices such as USB drives, microchips, CDs and external storage devices from fire and humidity. These safes are manufactured with PB board, urethane board and aluminum foil to block humidity in the most effective way. They can maintain internal temperature below 52 degrees and humidity below 80% with complete sealing to block heat, smoke, dust and steam altogether.

Anti-burglary safes are designed to protect valuables from fire and burglary with fireproof and anti-burglary features. With thick and solid frame, three-way locking bolt and glass plate locking device, these safes can delay any burglary attempts, and therefore prevent burglaries effectively. These quality products are selling well in the USA, Canada and South America.
The support by its employees and customers has brought BOOIL SAFES through difficult challenges, and it is determined to position itself as a global safes manufacturer.
BOOIL SAFES is exporting to over 100 countries now with qualified Fire Resistant Safes, Anti-Burglary Safes, Data Safes, Fire Resistant Filing Cabinets, Steel Safes, Hotel Safes & Depository Safes.
BOOIL SAFES possesses SP/SWEDEN, SINTEF/NORWAY, KS/KOREA, JIS/JAPAN, UL/U.S.A, GOST/RUSSIA, CE/EUROPE & ISO/U.K certifications. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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