Oil Purifier

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySung Kyung System has accumulated technology in hydraulic machinery of major facilities in industrial sites. Sung Kyung System takes as its corporate philosophy the major premise that it produces excellent products matching customer needs, strengthens external competitiveness of its customers, and creates added value based on honesty and workmanship.
Sung Kyung System has since its foundation supplied KASS oil filters in hydraulic machinery, playing a pivotal role in the domestic industry, contributing to productivity improvement and environment preservation.



This is a by-pass type oil purifier with its own oil pump embedded in the oil cleaner. As with no pressure loss, it is widely used for attachment to all kinds of equipment or movements. Reasonable purification control is possible with unmanned operation reservation. This oil purifier determines the replacement time of an element and maximizes the filtering efficiency by adopting a control valve. Easy cleaning and replacement in a short time is possible for the open type suction strainer.

With the adoption of the dust proof gauge, you can check accurate pressure, contamination state, and accurate replacement time of an element. Easy oil transfer is possible with the adoption of a drain valve. Efficient purification care is possible by recording purification time. The distinctive specifications are custom-made.


Filter Element (F-180)

This filter element is specially made by the unique KASS-specific engineering method with the strictly selected pulp, purely vegetable cellulose fiber containing a lot of hydrophilic hydroxyl.
Metal wear powder, carbon, oxide, water, dust, and various foreign substances produced or flowing in during machine operation, pass the upper side of the element and the 110 mm filtering layer, contaminants over 0.1 micron and water eliminated by deep filtration and adsorption. Air tightness created by the inflow oil in the interlayer of filter papers forming the element on the roll, blocks passage of the oil through layers.
Contaminated oil passes the filtering paper and flows down to the bottom. While oil is flowing down to the bottom, numerous repetitive filtrations completely clean contaminants and water.

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