The 11th International Green Car Korea Closed in Great Success with more than 17,000 Domestic and Foreign Visitors

The Largest in Scale Ever with over 480 Booths and 236 Exhibitors from 22 Countries

This exhibition, which introduced cutting-edge products such as autonomous vehicles, IoT, smart appliances, etc. targeting the 4th industrial revolution era, including ecofriendly cars for the future, was held on the largest scale ever with more than 480 booths with 236 exhibitors from 22 countries.
Particularly, in the business talk with buyers invited by KOTRA, a total of 573 cases of consultation were held, worth US$2,486million (equivalent to KRW2,754billion) and it was estimated that contracts worth about US$70 million (about KRW80 billion) will be realized in the future.
In particular, during the period of business talks, MOUs between overseas buyers and domestic companies have been actively promoted. You Friend, Ltd. signed an MOU with A.J-Rubber Trading Co., Ltd. of Japan for technical cooperation and joint marketing in the development of waterproof buckled safety belts.
MOUs for job creation as well as product export were prominent. Koam Innovation concluded a strategic MOU with Honam University for job creation and agreed to implement the Airport Operation Project together, of which the main contents include training airport operation experts of parts, batteries, machines, etc. related to special vehicles including the electric forklifts used at airports and help them into jobs.
Various exhibits helping people predict the future trends were evaluated as a big achievement of this exhibition. Spring Cloud of Korea showed the future technology by providing the driving service with ARMA, a self-driving bus exclusively developed by themselves; and Navya, which is a French autonomous car manufacturing company. Meanwhile, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Seonam Regional Division exhibited the smart car, an integration of EV-based smart mobility element technology. Like these, the future autonomous smart car based on the eco-friendly automobile such as EV, parts and articles of eco-friendly automobile and eco-friendly electronic parts were exhibited, attracting the keen attention of visitors.



Successful hosting of International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology (ICAT)

In addition, the International Conference on Advanced Automotive Technology (ICAT) was successfully held under the theme of “EVer Green! (EV: Electric Vehicles)” at the Kimdaejung Convention Center from July 5 to 6 during the period of the 2018 International Green Car Exhibition.
ICAT 2018 was co-hosted by the Automobile Research Center of Chonnam National University, BK21, Honam University, University of Ulsan, Korea Automotive Technology Institute, Gwangju Institute of Green-Car Advancement, Kimdaejung Convention Center and Gwangju Convention & Visitors Bureau and sponsored by Gwangju Metropolitan City, the Korea Tourism Organization and the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers. ICAT is a conference that has come to be expanded and held as a specialized convention of the Gwangju region since 2015 from the previous “International Symposium for Next-generation Automobile Technology” held by the Automobile Research Center of Chonnam National University since 1995.
Lectures were delivered by 13 electric vehicle experts of automobile research centers of universities, research centers, and automobile manufacturers; and auto parts suppliers from seven countries including Korea, the USA, France, Poland, the UK, Japan and Thailand. Following the keynote speech by Mr. Jean-Marc Desvaux, Executive Vice President of Easy Mile, a developer of autonomous bus named EZ10, 13 speakers from Korea and abroad gave various lectures on policies and technologies related to the present and future of electric cars and autonomous cars, including “The Future of Electric Energy and Automobiles” (by Director Choi Tae-il of the Korea Electric Power Corporation), “Hyundai Motor’s Electric Vehicle Development Status and Strategy” (by Parts Head Kim Chung of Hyundai Motor Company), and “Electric Vehicles in the Logistics Industry” (by CEO Hong Yo-seop of Koam Innovation).
In addition, a junior session was prepared where rising professors, researchers and graduate students, who are the heroes of the local business and the future automobile industry, presented papers including 10 oral presentations and 41 posters.
Mr. Choi Byeong-cheol, President of the Automobile Research Center in Chonnam National University, remarked, “ICAT 2018 is a venue of information exchange for experts of electric car research and industry to understand the development and flow of the cutting-edge technology and predict the future. Especially, through co-hosting with International Green Car Korea, I expect ICAT 2018 will bring more vitality to “the Eco-friendly Auto Parts Cluster Development Project” of Gwangju City.”
This Exhibition is evaluated to have had positive ripple effects on Gwangju City for starting in earnest the Eco-friendly Auto Parts Cluster Project, and transforming the local enterprises from the traditional industries to the knowledge-based high-value industries in accordance with the recent trend where the auto industry is changing from internal combustion engine cars to electric cars. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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