Precision Press Molds its establishment in 1994, Korea Precision Co., Ltd. has specialized in making precision press molds, and based on its belief that technology is competitiveness, has trained all employees as the best technicians in the industry. Equipped with the cutting-edge facilities, such as machining center, wire cutter, 3D measuring machine, five-axis machining apparatus, etc., the company strives to produce only the best products with its utmost efforts. Based on its experience of exporting to North America and Japan for many years, it is committed to producing the best molds for customer satisfaction with the highest quality and precise delivery as a top priority.


Progressive Mold

This mold has advantages of cutting costs, saving labor costs and significantly improving the stability of work due to the characteristic of high productivity. It also has effects of suppressing the half-finished product inventory, reducing the mold preparatory set-up time, and facilitating production management. Due to the high productivity, it has the advantages of labor-cost saving and mass-production in a short time. On the other hand, its disadvantages are that the dimensional tolerance becomes strict when manufacturing, designing is difficult, and there is a concern that noise may be generated.
When applying the progressive mold, the matters to consider are that one needs to compare the total cost and to preferably check the conditions of the press equipment (number of fusible tonnage, bolster and mold size, etc.). This mold is suitable for mass production of automobile and electronic parts and adopts the continuous production method. It is also suitable for production of medium/small parts such as bracket, cup, cap and 1~2 cavity and symmetrical parts.


Transfer Mold

As its characteristics, the entire process performed in one or more presses and the raw materials are automatically transferred using the feed bar. As interference with the mold can occur depending on the slide motion and the feed bar motion, there are many restrictions on the design and idle process is required.
The mold structure is simple compared with other automatic molds, the mold production cost is comparatively inexpensive compared with the progressive mold cost, and the repair of molds is easy. It is suitable for manufacturing products that are difficult to mold. It is mainly used for producing automobile exhaust parts (muffler), housing parts, etc.


Casting Mold

This mold is suitable for producing large parts and parts of automobile bonnets, refrigerators, electronic parts cases, etc., and for production of parts without joints and exterior assembly parts. It is also for producing, trunks, doors, frame parts, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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