Paint & Coatings Products its foundation in 1945, with its 73 years of accumulated technical expertise, NOROO Paint manufactures more than 30 thousand products ranging from architectural, automotive refinish, industrial, and marine to new material paint and coatings.


Architectural Paint

NOROO Paint’s architectural paint leads a whole new color trend by its variety of ecofriendly products that not only enhances the surroundings but also harmonizes with the regional themes.
Soon&Soo is an innovative product which has both features of eco-friendliness and workability. It is a one step upgraded paint using cutting-edge resin called EVA, which is used in advanced countries in Europe. Soon&Soo, with no harmful TVOC or toxic odors, is a premium brand that improves the value of life by designing safe and refreshing living environment.

Automotive Refinish Paint

NOROO Paint’s auto-refinish paint is recognized for its excellent quality among domestic and foreign car makers by expressing the exact colors through the Color Bank System. To fulfill customers’ satisfaction, plant specializing in auto-refinishes and technical center has been established and also continuous education and investment has been made. Moreover, NOROO Paint is sharpening its competitive edge by developing better products and strategic brand(HIQ, BODYIAN) marketing in different markets.


Industrial Paint

NOROO Paint’s industrial coatings is used on general products manufactured in the industrial production line, electric and electronics products, high-end IT parts and many other equipment and facilities needed in our everyday lives, enhancing the quality and class. NOROO Paint is especially strengthening its position in the global market by continuously developing environment friendly products as well as developing new technology.


Energy Saver Paint

Energy Saver Paint is high functional product which can help conserve energy in buildings. Energy Saver Paint, first developed in Korea and acquired patents for its invention, blocks out the infrared rays, thereby reducing energy consumption. It is not only energy conserving but it also blocks ultra violet rays, protecting the human skin, building interior, and other exhibitions. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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