THINKWARE, Releasing Inavi Black Royal, Advanced Black Box

THINKARE has recently relased Inavi Black Royal, a 2-channel black box with a super FHD front and HD rear camera.


[INQ. NO. 1810M10] Inavi Black Royal provides the most optimized image resolution for driving and parking. The front camera with its super FHD 1296 pixels are far more superior to the FHD 1080 pixels, and applies Night Vision, an image enhancement solution that can effectively process low light level images obtained at night while driving or parking.
A variety of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are installed in the Inavi Black Royal, including the front vehicle starting alert which is useful when a driver is waiting for the lights to change, lane departure warning system, front collision warning system (FCWS), and urban FCWS which detects the safety distance and helps the driver avoid collision when driving at low speed of 30km or below
The Inavi Black Royal offers a number of features that improves driver convenience: fastboot solution – boots up the system within 3 secs; time lapse – saves images while parking at an interval of two frames per sec for extended recording; Format Free 2.0 – allows the user to view the recorded images on his mobile or PC without regular memory card formatting and additional image conversion, all significantly ensuring stability and convenience.
Additional useful features are available by the user’s choice including, the OBD2-Drive X for diagnosis, maintenance, and sharing of vehicle information such as detection of a car on an incline, the i-Volt Connected auxiliary battery for real-time vehicle battery check through a smartphone app, and the G-Mouse, an external GPS serving as a safe driver assistant by providing information on locations, speed, surface condensation, as well as speed cameras.
“Inavi Black Royal is an advanced black box with a super FHD camera, ADAS, and various extended features,” says THINKARE. “It offers a number of benefits to users through safe driver assistance and significantly improves convenience.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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