Cranes & Jib Crane Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that has been focusing solely on the mechanization of the aquaculture industry for more than 20 years and its main products include the crane for aquaculture work and the multipurpose jib crane installed at the quayside.
In order to solve the structural problem of depending on manpower for raising abalone, etc., the company began to develop and supply the aquafarm crane used for various works in the abalone farm, etc., and the multipurpose jib crane for lifting small vessel, fishing gear or aquatic products from the early 2000s. Since then, the Korean aquaculture industry has explosively achieved both quantitative growth and qualitative development, and Newtec Co., Ltd. has made a decisive contribution to this.


Crane for Aquaculture Working

This product, mainly used in the abalone aquafarm, is a multipurpose articulated crane used for feeding, salvage of fishing net, kelp collection and abalone harvesting. This product has a multi-stage boom system and articulating outer boom with maximum lifting capacity and improved working radius based on the optimized design ranging from small to large vessels for responding to each aquafarm size and also is equipped with powerful hydraulic tongs enabling the precise operation, thereby demonstrating excellent capacity. This product is a vessel-dedicated crane equipped with components plated for preventing corrosion and various safety devices.


Multipurpose Jib Crane

Newtec’s hydraulic and electric multipurpose jib crane features strong durability and excellent function and has maximized users’ safety and convenience. It is essential equipment used for multi-purposes at the fishery site, such as used for lifting and lowering vessel equipment, fishing gear, fishery products, and salvaging for repair of broken vessels in usual time, and for excavation and salvage of the vessels that have come alongside the pier when a typhoon is approaching. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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