KOFAS 2018


The International Factory Automation System Show 2018 Korea (KOFAS), the biggest festival of automated precise equipment in Korea, ended this year with abundant achievements.

KOFAS 2018 hosted by Korea Association of Machinery Industry (hereinafter referred to as KOAMI, CEO Dong-Youn Sohn) and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy was visited by 24,000 persons while 259 companies from 13 countries participated.
This exhibition held under the slogan of ‘Digital Manufacturing Innovation’ was a venue for directly identifying the automation technologies converged with the core technologies of the 4th industrial revolution, such as the digital industry, IT convergence, 3D printing, automated instrument, control and measuring instrument, metal working machines, etc.
A spokesperson for I.K. Mirae Co., Ltd. among the participants remarked, “This exhibition has become a useful venue for technology exchanges as various automation companies exhibited excellent new products. In particular, as the proportion of real buyers was high, lots of contract performances are expected.”

A buyer who visited the exhibition said, “It was nice that I was able to get various products and useful information, and there were many booths where I could experience the products directly, helping me make purchasing decisions. As the booth arrangement and guidance were excellent compared with other exhibitions, viewing was convenient.”
In particular, this exhibition provided visitors with valuable information as various accompanying events were held together, such as the invitation meeting of export for the people in charge of overseas vendor registration, export meeting for the overseas buyers invited by LPR Global, the 1st design/manufacturing solution seminar, machinery & technology seminar, etc.
During the exhibition period, in order to focus intensely on the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, India and Japan, countries that demand lots of plant equipment, exhibition organizer invited buyers of 17 overseas EPC companies and arranged matching consultations with more than 70 domestic companies on a one-on-one basis.
In the LPR Global export meeting held by inviting global enterprises that meet the recent industrial trends called ‘Digital Manufacturing Innovation,’ exhibition organizer invited global buyers like Whirlpool, JBM Group, and Aethra Group and proceeded with the purchase consultation with more than 30 domestic companies, thereby concluding consultations of about US$15 million.
KOAMI said that both parties were highly satisfied with the results of the export meeting as the preliminary matching rate exceeded 80%.
Meanwhile, KOAMI expects to continue identifying domestic and overseas new products & new technologies so that they can vividly contain the sites of cutting-edge technologies leading the machinery industry in next year’s exhibition, and also plans to focus on attracting potential buyers.

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