Vertical Shear-type Safety Cover for Weeder, Seongjin Tec’s vertical-shear type weeder safety cover, excels in preventing the scattering of objects (cuttings, fragments) and avoiding safety accidents while weeding. In addition, regardless of the type of the existing weeder, it can be used simply by attaching/detaching the head part.
This product can be fitted to any existing weeder and people of all ages and gender can work with it one-handed and easily. It is used for versatile weeding including the green farming method, conventional farming practices, and for cutting weeds around ancestors’ graves.
One can even do cultivating and weeding work and rotary work at the same time with this product. The equipped safety cover prevents scattering of objects such as small stones, etc., and avoids safety accidents caused by cutters or fragments and injuries. It has an excellent working capacity even in the environment, such as the agricultural method of freshwater snails, duck, or rice bran where the weeding work is difficult due to lack of water.
By using this weeder safety cover, you can perform the weeding work and the rotary work simultaneously including the green farming method and conventional farming practices according to your walking speed. And you can put the weeder on the ground and comfortably push or drag it with one hand for weeding. This product can solve labor and manpower shortages. It chips the weeds between the rice seedlings and scatters them into the rice fields completely to create an organic compost effect and stimulate the roots of rice, thereby maximizing the growthpromoting effect and has an excellent effect in suppressing the growth of weeds. When weeding, it is possible to adjust the cutter height and to weed with a proper size.
Seongjin Tec, as an enterprise that leads the way in eco-friendly farming methods, carries out research and development of the weeder necessary for the ecofriendly farming method without using herbicides. It is an enterprise taking the lead in passing on a good environment to future generations by reducing water contamination, preserving the ecosystem and restoring nature by striving to create a livable rural environment.
In May 2011, Seongjin Tec obtained certification as a venture enterprise, and in December 2011, won the Gold Prize from the Minister of Knowledge Economy in the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition 2011. Besides, Seongjin Tec is actively promoting its product through various exhibitions and export consultations. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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