‘Kinergy AS ev,’ a Tire Exclusively for First-Generation Electric Vehicles

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1811M07] It is reported that Kinergy AS ev, a new product of Hankook Tire released at this time, has remedied various defects of the tire exclusively for firstgeneration electric vehicles, thereby realizing an ultra-low noise environment and providing a comfort similar to that provided by the tire for supercars.
The Sound Absorber Technology has been realized by applying polyurethane sound-absorbing foam to the inner lining of the tire. Here, the sound-absorbing foam disperses the external pressure evenly as well as effectively absorbs the road noise coming into the car.
As a test result of actually applying the Sound Absorber Technology, it was confirmed that the technology reduced the road noise (resonance) by 9.2dB to the maximum, enhancing the quietness of the electric car.
While existing electric car tires have shown poor performance at high speeds or driving abilities, Kinergy AS ev applies the Aqua Pine compound with resin and vegetable oil extracted from conifers. Characteristically, Hankook Tire’s unique technology of applying high silica content ensures agile handling and braking performance in all driving environments.
One strong point of the product is that application of the aramid reinforcement belt suppresses increase of the tire’s diameter caused by the centrifugal force while driving and shows the best handling and kinetic performance in various driving environments. Kinergy AS ev has applied the Extra Load (XL) by increasing the allowable load of the tire.
By applying an extra load, Kinergy AS ev has secured the load-bearing capacity enhanced by 75KG compared with the load index of standard tires and maintains the optimal supporting pressure in any driving environment such as during acceleration, turning, and braking.
As the large-capacity battery is applicable to the electric car instead of fuel, static electricity occurs frequently. However, Kinergy AS ev has applied the chimney rubber structure in the tire for discharging the static electricity flowing through the electric car to the ground surface so that the driver can enjoy comfortable and safe driving.
Wide and strong rib-typed shoulder blocks enhance the handling performance and prevent abrasion of tires, and the crossarrayed edges minimize the block strain and improve torsion. The dimple cooling system effectively dissipates the heat that is condensed in the tire tread due to high-speed driving. When the car is braked, this product minimizes the deformation of the block and maintains the ground plane to provide the best braking force.

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