Systems for Tablet Dispensing&Packaging, Prescription Inspection[INQ. NO. 1812M02] JVM Co., Ltd. always takes on new challenges to create a brighter future with its customers, leading the technology of the future.
Founded in 1977 as a manufacturer and supplier of small medicine packaging machines, JVM realized automation in tablet dispensing & packaging and distribution, sweeping over the global market by developing strategic partnerships with other global market leaders.
JVM continues to innovate and move ahead of its competition as a top enterprise. JVM also delivers cutting-edge pharmacy distribution automation technology and implements a pharmacy dispensing & packaging automation system.
With its exclusive know-how on various pharmacy environments around the world, JVM promises to deliver better pharmacy automation technologies and systems, offering faster and more accurate pharmacy services to patients.


Automatic Tablet Dispensing & Packaging System (ATDPS)

ATDPS provides a more accurate and cost-effective prescribing work environment by automating the entire preparation process from sorting, distributing, packaging tablets to printing on the packet and inventory-controlling according to the medication order. It has normal canisters for medications with heavy usage and auto canisters that support automatic filling for tablets halved or in a special shape.
ATDPS acquires prescription data from hospital/pharmacy information systems, through OCS (Ordering Communication System). ACRS-ll feature enables automatic recognition of tablet location in the ATDPS. Also, barcode & printing settings and touch screen delivers safer and easier management & control of medication administration for patients.


Automatic Prescription Inspection System (VIZEN)

VIZEN performs an automatic inspection for fillingcompleted packets to prevent all possible mistakes during the medication packaging process for more accurate and safer medication control. All prescription results are saved and managed according to patient information for efficient medication and administration control.
VIZEN enables fast and accurate medication inspection and it checks for errors automatically so the pharmacist can review the error medication pouch packed by ATDPS. All inspection results are saved in a DB so the results can be managed efficiently. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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