Agricultural Power Sprayers of Soil Machinery is one of the leading suppliers of agricultural power sprayers in Korea. Established in 2002, it is dedicated to the development of agricultural technologies, the registration of patented quality products, technical exchanges with farmers, product distribution, and direct production – the only way to enhance the quality of agricultural equipment and devices – with more than 20 years in sprouts cultivation and gardening industries.
Its sprayers are highly economical for spraying pesticide efficiently. Its range of agricultural power sprayers is well appreciated in the Korean and international markets for its features like longer life, efficient battery usage, durable motor, tank capacity, high-speed pump, light-weight, compact and portable construction. The company promises to be a quick service provider, like a 911 rescue team, between the direct manufacturer and customers with a wide range of sprout cultivation materials, gardening materials, irrigation and drip irrigation materials, a variety of plant nutrients and compact agricultural equipment.
Love of Soil Machinery is making round-the-clock efforts to incorporate the latest technologies and materials to ensure trouble-free spraying at the most economical price.
All-round products of agricultural instruments are professionally researched, designed, manufactured and quality-controlled by its experienced team.


Rachargeable Sprayer and Robot Sprayer

Rechargeable sprayer is a low noise charging power sprayer with its compact size for increased mobility and easy control. This is a multipurposed backpack-type sprayer, which is composed of a plastic tank (20L), DC motor, battery and charger. This weighs about 4.5kg.

Robot sprayer can move to the front, reverse, left and right direction with its instant on/off functions. This is a gasoline engine pumping system that can fulfill all kinds of disease control for fruits, vegetables and stockbreeding with superb spraying power that goes as far as 200 meters in distance without causing any adverse effects on the human body. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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