Piping Material, Strainers and Valves

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryLB & PCK Co., Ltd. has been involved in piping material supply for the field of oil&gas, petro chemical, power plant, water treatment and mining industry over two decades.
LB&PCK is specialized in strainer(Casting & Forged), filter, pipe & fitting and valves as well.
LB&PCK consists of well-tained staff and skilled qualified engineer who always consider clients’ satisfaction as their first priority.


Strainers, Filters, Valves, Transformers, Pipes and Flanges

First, LB & PCK has simplex basket strainers, duplex basket strainers and Y-strainers for industrial strainers.
Strainers are used to protect valuable or sensitive equipment in systems that are meant to be shut down temporarily.
They meet the international standards, ANSI and DIN, and are qualified for the use of the product design, meeting EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2 performance. T-strainer for angle flow type is installed at 90 degrees. The cylindrical element housed in the body can be taken out to the horizontal center line by removing the cover.
The filter is an air pollution control device that removes particles out of air or gas released from commercial processes or combustion for electricity generation.

Designed to turn the flow of liquid through pipes on and off, the valve is also helpful in controlling the flow of pressure through pipes. The ball valve is a valve with a spherical disc which controls the flow through it. It usually rotates 90 degrees to open and close.
The transformer is applied to a single-phase, high- efficiency transformer that is used for 22.9kV, 3 phase 4 wire multi-ground distribution system.

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