Scaffolding Products Industrial Co., Ltd. has pursued active business in the domestic and foreign scaffolding markets since its establishment in 1993. Hochun Industrial produces scaffoldings customized for respective countries including those in North America, Europe, and the Middle East, and its superiority in quality has been widely recognized.



Frames, the company’s main products, are steel structures used in construction for temporary purposes.
Frames are largely divided into two broad types: drop- lock frame and snap-on frame. In addition to these, the company is making many kinds of frames.
The product is coated with powder paint, and blue frames (RAL 5013) and green frames (RAL 6012) are mainly sold according to consumers’ preferences. For the materials, they can also be made of Q235 and Q345 according to consumers’ preferences. During the manufacturing processes, the company’s specialized staff directly checks durability and tensile strength, the most important features in using the product.


Cross Brace

Cross braces are one of the essential items helping to support the frame firmly. The types of cross brace are divided into the punch-hole cross brace used for drop lock frame, snap-on cross brace used for snap on frames. All of them are being pre-galvanized (pre-plating method).
Frames and cross braces mentioned above are included in the basic composition of the frame set that consists of two frames, two cross braces, four screw jacks to adjust the height, and two flanks for foothold. On this set, operator would proceed with construction work. The set is assembled in the manner of rising from bottom to top and from 20 to 30 layers.
The types of screw jack are divided into electric and hot dipping according to plating method. Also, flanks are divided into aluminum flank and steel flank according to the material. And there is prop (support) as scaffolding product. Prop is to support the upper part of roof construction in building and being used in many construction sites. The color is designed according to consumers’ preferences.
In addition, Hochun Industrial is making various couplers that connect and fix steel pipes or H beams.
Also the company manufactures ringlock system(System scaffolding). This is commonly exported to North American construction sites. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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