Automatic Floor Cleaner B50, an automatic walk-behind floor cleaner, is easy to operate so that people of all ages can use it. When the waste water tank is filled with waste water, the sensor automatically stops operation of the suction motor and turns the warning lights on to minimize battery consumption.
As it is fitted with a sensor to control the amount of water used, you can use the equipment more efficiently. The brush and pad can be selected and are easily attached and detached, so pressure control is also possible depending on the unevenness of the floor. A complete suction and drying system ensures perfect cleaning performance on any floor.
It is the perfect cleaning equipment for various kinds of floor surfaces such as tiles, epoxy floors, etc., and it is suitable for warehouses, shopping centers, factories, hospitals, large restaurants, buildings, etc. The detergent is sprayed from the center of the brush to prevent it from being wasted, and the cleaner prevents the detergent from being spattered to the edge when the brush spins. The brush is attached and detached automatically without any separate tools, thus ensuring convenience.
It is equipped with a battery indicator lamp so that the amount of charge and residual quantity can be checked. The digital timer is embedded for checking the equipment’s use time, enhancing utilization of the equipment. By easily lifting the waste water tank up to 90 degrees, you can easily remove sediments, dirt, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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