Charging Infrastructure Managing System for EVs Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. is a company involved in applying to the existing electricity and energy industries various electric vehicle (EV) infrastructures, management technology on new renewable energy, and software-based ICT technologies, thereby leading the shift toward new paradigms in the industries.
Recently, however, Jeju Electric Vehicle Service is challenging into various areas including smart grid that is likely to be realized in the near future, in line with emerging hot issues of climate change and energy security, electric vehicles-related products such as energy management systems, efficient management systems for new renewable energy, charging service platform for EVs, and battery pack for EVs.
Jeju Electric Vehicle Service covers all the services related to EVs including chargers for EVs, charging infrastructure, maintenance, exclusive call centers for EVs, membership service business, etc., and thus aiming to be a total service provider for EVs.
Jeju Electric Vehicle Service has accumulated considerable empirical and managing experience linked with smart grid, EVs infrastructures, charging algorithms, and new renewable energy on Jeju Island where carbon-free movement is heading toward the targeted year of 2030.
Jeju Electric Vehicle Service, based on such performance, was selected as chosen provider by the Ministry of Environment for installing public EVs chargers nationwide, and further seeks various ways to contribute to the sustainable growth of EVs infrastructures.


The charging infrastructure managing system for EVs managed by Jeju Electric Vehicle Service provides functions for managing charging infrastructure including status information on chargers, authentication on the use of charging, calculation on the charged volume, etc.
As a professional company specializing in the charging infrastructure for EVs, Jeju Electric Vehicle Service supplies customers with consulting services for the maintenance of charging infrastructure. Moreover, Jeju Electric Vehicle Service unified the data on the history of its maintenance and provides customers with technology that makes it easier for the customers to operate charging infrastructure. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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