New EV Motors recently unveiled a new version of EV, SOUL. The new SOUL is scheduled to be operated with two types of power train – a 1.6 Turbo engine (maximum output 204ps, maximum torque 27.0kgf.m) and a 2.0 gasoline engine (maximum 152ps, maximum torque 19.6kgf.m) – in North America. The 1.6 turbo engine built-in with a 7-speed automatic transmission ensures performance improvement in acceleration and the impression of riding in driving.
The new SOUL is 4,195mm in length and 2,600mm in wheelbase, meaning it was reborn with added 55mm and 30mm, respectively, compared to the existing model. And the trunk volume was also increased to 364 liters (VDA standard), with 10 liters increased volume compared to the previous model, resulting in wider spaces for the interior and loading.
In particular, while maintaining its identity in design, the new EV was created with a future-oriented new identity only for EV, with well-finished designs in the front and back against gasoline models. The new EV adopts various functions for enjoyable driving while performing an anticipated certain level of efficiency.
The driving modes for the new EV come in four versions – comfort, sport, eco, and eco plus – for a unique and greater impression of ride. Besides, more innovative solutions that elevate efficiency in driving such as paddle shift for controlling of regenerative braking, smart regeneration system, and dial type electronic transmission lever (SBW) are applied. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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