Air Purifier Inverter Hybrid Boiler-Solar System produced by CLK Corporation is an eco-friendly system that supplies cooling, heating, and hot water through the inverter boiler using electricity saved by household solar power. By integrating solar power control with the new ultra-low-power inverter control technology, this product has made possible a zero energy house that dramatically reduces electricity bill and CO2 emissions.
The air purifier Air ONE has a capacity of 8.5 kW, allowing the temperature of the thermal storage tank at 55ºC for heating, 65ºC for hot water and 7 to 25ºC for cooling. In addition, it can be used in connection with existing gas, kerosene, or electric boilers, which enables a flexible installation and operation environment.
In addition, the weight of the outdoor unit and the indoor unit were also lightened to 65kg and 55kg respectively, thus reducing the burden on the installation site. The outdoor unit is equipped with DC inverter control technology and twin rotary compressor − whereas the indoor unit uses a low-noise pump and the library noise level is 41dB (indoor unit). ) Low noise operation is thus possible. Using high-performance H13 grade HEPA filter and nanoe ™ technology, AIR ONE effectively removes fine dust and harmful substances. The 6-step safety air cleaner system using the top-of-the-line model for the width of 18-pyeong is equipped with a pre-filter, a hepa triple filter, a deodorization filter and nanoe ™ technology to remove 99.9% of fine dust 0.3 μm (micrometer), thus effectively removing harmful gases.
In particular, nanoe ™ is a newly introduced technology for premium antibacterial and deodorization enhancement. It is made safe with particulate ions contained in water and effectively inhibits viral bacteria and gas in the air.
CLK Corporation is the only air conditioning company in Korea that has a full product range for household, commercial and industrial uses. The company has been ranked as a manufacturer of air conditioners in the Korean industry, currently aiming to become a global air-conditioning solution company that will lead the domestic and overseas markets in the building intelligent solution (BIS) business that effectively controls the air conditioning equipment and systems of buildings. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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