Cooling Tower & Blower Cooling Tower is made by adopting cutting-edge advanced technology through its technological alliance with Baltimore Aircoil Company, Inc., the world’s leading cooling equipment maker. The main features of this product include high quality and heat performance, guaranteed by acquiring international certifications such as CTI, KARSE, and AMCA, high corrosion resistance alloyed steel plate structural material, quiet operation, optimal loading and installation of minimum height design, precision capacity control, and energy-saving options.
Since the Baltimore Cooling Tower has a wide variety of product ranges and operation efficiency in any operating environment, it can be used for various purposes such as industrial uses, refrigeration, and air conditioning. Offering a variety of methods and characteristics of installation, maintenance, and operation, it is highly economical by minimizing costs.
In particular, the newly developed low-modular, combined-type cooling tower can be economically installed and operated in high-density areas with limited floor height, realizing customer satisfaction.
Chicago Blower boasts stable operating performance and discharging airflow, significantly reducing energy consumption by using new technologies to redesign major parts and lighten the rotating body.

The streamlined intake and wheel cone help smooth air flow, and the outer diameter of the wheel cone is formed with ribs to reduce the turning moment and increase the efficiency even further. In addition, this high-efficiency blower with excellent energy saving and power saving effect has been certified by AMCA SEAL certification and membership.
Developed by using technology related to the national development project, Chicago Blower consists of two related patents. After passing the AMCA performance test, it has become Korea’s first large-sized special axial blower to acquire certification. Designed in various sizes (ø2100 ~ 3,150mm) with maximum static pressure of 5,600Pa (570mmAq) and maximum air flow rate of 550m2 / s, Chicago Blower offers customers a wide selection range.
Bumyang Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various air conditioners and freezers. Established in 1963, as Korea’s first air conditioner manufacturer it has acquired KOLAS, AMCA, CTI, KARSE, KS, AS, EM, CE, ISO9001, and ISO14001 certifications. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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