Plastic Cable Chains System’s CPS products are used in automotives, railways, shipyards, airports, thermoelectric power plants, semiconductors, brewing, and the wind-power plant industry where electric wires and air & hydraulic hoses are installed. The CPS products that the company manufactures include cable chains, flexible tubes, connector and electric wires and air & hydraulic hoses, etc.

CPS Mini Chain
CPS Mini Chain is widely used for automation production line and equipment. Cable chain is made of polyamide 6 with glass fiber that helps cable chain perform excellent durability in speedy operating environment. CPS Mini Chain can bear up to 15m/s² of operating conditions. Required operating condition is 6m/sec. There are four series of CPS Mini Chain and CPS030, 033 can be applied to long travel operating environments.
CPS Mini Chain is used for feed loaders, machining tools, cranes, automated teller machines, cartesian coordinate robots, claw machines, conveyor transfer equipment, etc.

Shift Chain
Shift Chain features excellent performance of unsupported length, with easy assembly and disassembly. This is a CPS’ best-selling type of cable chain. When customers especially take account of the factor of ‘unsupported length’, Shift Chain will be a right choice to be selected. There are ‘BR’ (Bending Radius) that determines shift chain’ value of bending radius. Shift Chain is widely used in various environments and it helps customers maintain stock of each part of the shift chain, which means that the shift chain has a simple structure for users to either assemble or disassemble by themselves.
Shift Chain is designed for injection molding machines, extruders, packaging machines, cleaning machines on automobile production lines, feed loaders, machining tools, cranes, cartesian coordinate robots, conveyor transfer equipment, multitasking machine tools, etc.

Sabin Chain & Guide Channel System



Sabin Chain is suitable to be applied for high-speed operation in an environment requiring low noise. Sabin Chain is also a marketable CPS’ Cable chain series. There is a ‘Holding Pin’ unit that helps Sabin Chain operates in very smooth conditions. CPS passed through noise level test by TUV Rheinland Group and acquired 30dB level of noise.
The Sabin Chain & Guide Channel System are used for gantry loaders, robot carriage equipment, cleaning machines, machining tools in automobile production lines, brake apparatus on semiconductor production lines, injection molding machines, extruders, packaging machines, feed loaders, machining tools, cranes, Cartesian coordinate robots, conveyor transfer equipment, multitasking machine tools, etc.

Unity Systems
Unity systems are an innovative integral solution by unifying cable chains and bracket supporters.
If customers purchased the cable chain only, they have to consider a ‘Support Unit’ to guide cable chains’’ stable operation. Unity Systems was developed to eliminate this task that customers experience. ‘Guide Channel’ named GC and ‘Guide Channel’ + ‘Free End Bracket’ named ‘GC.FEB’ are assembled at cable chain and supplied to customers. It helps customers to reduce time and to save costs of making the ‘Support Unit’ by themselves.
The unity systems are made for equipment for vertical hanging/standing and side mounted applications such as test handlers, inspection equipment, etc.
CP System Co., Ltd. supplies cable chains, flexible tubes, connectors which are protective components of electric cables and robot dress pack system. This company is now exclusively producing, localizing and supplying all products in the domestic market as a leader in the fields.
CP System obtained ISO 9001(KOR-483-01, ISO 14001(K1356.05) and many international quality certifications such as UL, VDE, IPA, CE, TUV and ASTM. And CP System won NET(New Excellent Technology) Mark, issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology. CP System was once designated as a venture, promising small and medium-sized, innovative technology and management firm. Beyond these acknowledgments mentioned above, it has won various awards by the government, which proves how much effort it made. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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