Valves for Refrigerants PRECISION Co., Ltd. recently presented various kinds of highly competitive patented valves including QSV (Quick Service Valve), designed to prevent the loss of refrigerant, at HARFKO 2019.
KEEHA PRECISION designs and manufactures one-level upgraded valves used in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment by applying patented technologies regarding prevention of refrigerant loss.
The QSV (Quick Service Valve) connects the indoor unit and outdoor unit, both of which are basically divided. Also,this valve is applicable to freezers and cooling systems. By operating the valve system, opening and closure of the inside flow passage is possible. And through a charge port, vacuum and refrigerant injections are possible. The most noticeable thing is that without recovering refrigerant, the maintenance for cooling pipe is possible. And this valve has a function of preventing the loss of refrigerant.
The company’s QSV controls the length of refrigerant pipe and it, is applicable to freezer and cooling systems. This valve, as a connected-style of valve, can swiftly block the possible loss of refrigerant. With stable function, it has been supplied to both domestic and overseas markets.
Established in 1987, KEEHA PRECISION has well been positioned as a professional company for molding design and manufacturing. As part of its eff orts to expand the background of the molding industry to the entire industry, the company has been accumulating technologies and know-how regarding optimized technology for molding design, technologies for ultra-precision operation and measurement. Also, KEEHA PRECISION, based upon trust from customers, has strived to endlessly satisfy its customers through developing innovative products.
KEEHA PRECISION also does its best to continuously pioneer productive overseas markets and seeks to secure trust in its products from its customers.
KEEHA PRECISION was designated as a promising tech company in 1999 and established a related institute and department to develop new technologies.
KEEHA PRECISION once entered the movable fi re pump business through technology transfer with other company and delivered its products to the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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