Industrial Touch Operation Panel (HMI – Human Machine Interface) Corporation, the professional developer, manufacturer and seller of HMI (Human Machine Interface, industrial touch screen controller), is always striving for advanced interface between human and machine in the global industrial era.
Through over 20 agents in the domestic market, and over 20 dealers in overseas markets, M2I Corporation develops and supports various solutions for industrial fields.
Moreover, M2I Corporation has ODM supply contracts with global major companies with its outstanding and satisfied quality, and has been selected as ‘MAINBIZ’, ‘INNOBIZ’, and ‘Great Work Place’ by the Korean government.
With the goal of becoming a global leading company, M2I Corporation has been especially focusing on how to manufacture and deliver advanced simple and safe products with differentiated services to its valued customers.
TOP (Touch Operation Panel) series helps users to achieve convenient automation in manufacturing systems.
You can confidently choose the TOP series as your main HMI system, as it has a long history and various field references all over the world.
Also no matter what you are currently using as automation, this versatile device interface can meet any of your needs.
For setting up your smart factory, TOP-R series will be your total and perfect solution for HMI.
TOP-R is a premium and high-end product, which has various interfaces with other convenient devices like keyboard, mouse, and printer.
TOP-RX is expected to replace the position of XTOP series, which are the main products of M2I Corporation. The same functions and powerful performance are also available in the TOP-R series. TOP-RW is recognized as the inheritor of the XTOP wide series, the most purchased series in the entire M2I history. This is priced at an affordable level, but delivers more superior performance than those of similarly priced products.
TOP-RH is wired or wireless handy–type HMI. A simple module change will make it either wired or wireless. In addition, 5Ghz wifi supports are available. TOP-PPC is a panel of the company. Fanless design is applied. Some competitive models (12, 15, and 19 inches) are available. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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