PB pipes and Fittings

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEstablished in 2003, Aikang is, with its own DOTORI brand, leading the nation’s PB pipes and fittings markets for water supply and hot water pipes.
As the company’s PB pipes and fittings are made with Polybutylene, they have strong resistance to any levels of temperatures and pressures and ensure longer lifespan. The push-fit piping method is used and so they require no separate tools, meaning that it is efficient for shortening of the operational period. The PB pipes have strong corrosion resistance and are free of any bad effect of electrolytes.
Currently, they are widely used as piping material for mineral waters in foreign nations. As non-poisonous raw material, Polybutylene is widely used for water supply. As it has high elasticity, the PB pipes are hardly exposed to damage and breakage caused by various external shocks.
Aikang devotes its utmost efforts to supplying high-quality piping materials. In 2011, Aikang established an overseas branch office in Jakarta, Indonesia, creating better opportunities for advancing into the Asian market, bolstered by the steadily growing size of the Korean market.


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