Exercise Machines for Rehabilitation

https://korean-machinery.com///inquirySUNGDOMC’s SP series of exercise machines for rehabilitation are products that enable rehab patients to exercise manually as well as automatically, and they are easily convertible between automatic and manual operation. The range consists of various kinds of exercise machines for upper and lower body exercises.
As a representative model of the SP series the company manufactures, SP-1100 is designed for both the upper and lower body exercises. The user can adjust exercise time, resistance value, direction of rotation, speed, etc., and the 7-inch monitor supports screen touch control. In case of the patient having a spasm or spasticity, it stops and automatically reverses to relax the muscles and automatically shuts off if the muscle spasm or stiffness continues.
The SP-1100 has been certified as a class ll medical device and has obtained various certifications including CE, UL, and FDA, and is being briskly exported to overseas customers.
SUNGDOMC started out as a manufacturer of fitness equipment in 1996, and since 2011 has expanded to manufacturing medical rehabilitation equipment. The company exports rehabilitation equipment to 28 countries including those in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. Last year, SUNGDOMC introduced an ergonomically designed rotating handle, and is currently developing new products with the function of game, group exercise and network control.

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