Environment Monitoring Equipment

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDongil Green Sys Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing TMS for atmosphere, TMS for water quality, and Gold mates, with related technical services since its establishment. With accumulated know-how, Dongil Green Sys performs consulting services targeting integrated overall environment systems. This company aims at increasing its presence in markets by consistently upgrading its competitiveness focused on its expert technological background.

TMS for Atmosphere
This product is a monitoring system for integrally monitoring the atmosphere designed for increasingly complicated atmosphere environment yearly, including pollution and water conditions. This is an automatic monitoring system and employs latest technology so it performs high-precision automatic monitoring operations.
It is regularly upgraded for advanced functions including full automatic sensitivity correction function, compounding function for standard gas, checking function for self-movement, etc., and this TMS system thus carries out highly reliable analyses for monitoring data.
The monitored data can be delivered through on-line, telemeter, etc. and processes information swiftly, daily and monthly. This TMS can be widely used including installation on vehicles exclusive for moving observation and used monitoring of indoor air quality.

TMS for Water Quality
This TMS is a system available for all-time ceaseless monitoring of anytime variable polluted status, caused by weather conditions including eutrophication in environmental zones (river, lakes, etc.), and pollution matter in water sources.
This TMS integrally controls monitoring of sources of pollution, supervision of discharging of waste water and thus ensures high reliable monitoring. And it is designed to carry out long-time of ceaseless and safe monitoring with competitive functions including automatic cleaning. This product can thus be widely utilized.

Gold Mate
The produced crude liquid processed by this product was certified by the American FDA and Japanese Department of Health and Human Services, as a substance harmless to the human body. The produced crude liquid is easily decomposed by sunlight and general air so that it has no harmful effects on the environment.
Moreover, it has strong sterilizing power against influenza, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and food poisoning bacteria so that common home can use it for disinfection and deodorization. As it does not emit any toxic substance and pungent smell at all, it does not affect the original taste of certain food. This product thus deserves to be called eco-friendly manufacturing equipment for hypochlorite water to be used in general water.

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