Ceramic Seal Discs

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryShinhan Ceramic’s ceramic discs work excellently in the ceramic cartridge for sanitary fittings, with more than 500,000 cycles of use, without any problems.
The company’s SCC seal discs in oxide ceramics show no measurable wear when used on all kinds of levers and mixers with turning mechanisms.
In the material properties of ceramic seal discs, density plays an important role as it is related to the wear. The raw material refined by spray dryer is foamed by multiple foaming presses.
The permanent flatness and smoothness of the disc faces guarantee excellent sealing performance. The special characteristics of SCC Alumina(SP-96) sealing and control discs are the pocket-shaped pores in the sealing faces, which act as lubricant reservoirs and guarantee a uniform lubricant film for easy operation. Tests proved that even after 500,000 cycles of use, SCC cartridges showed no problems in normal function.
The single lever mixer containing the SCC seal disc allows maintenance-free operation for its lifetime. The twin-lever mixer containing the SCC seal disc shows no measurable wear in operating for 500,000 cycles.
The excellent sliding properties of oxide ceramics are an assurance of trouble-free functioning and good durability.
As industrial awareness of advanced materials increases, the number and variety of application areas of engineering fine ceramic is expanding rapidly. Shinhan Ceramic receives growing demand every year from various industrial fields because engineering fine ceramics have such excellent properties as heat resistance, light weight, insulation and super hardness.
The company’s holding engineering fine ceramics include ceramic tubes, surge arrester tubes, metallized products, and shafts & bearings for pumps.
Shinhan Ceramic produces metallized components offering multiple alloy combinations. Many types of ceramics are amendable to the additions of metallized coatings. Alumina ceramics are inert and therefore are highly resistant to chemical attack. In addition, ceramic is almost unaffected by water, solvents, salt solutions, and molten salt. The corrosion resistance of high alumina ceramics is generally for superior metals and plastics.
Based on its accumulated expertise in developing more than 30 types of products, Shinhan Ceramic was the first to develop a water-saving cartridge in South Korea, which it is now mass-producing. Moreover, it manufactures different cartridges and other faucets in cooperation with Japanese faucet companies. It will continue its efforts to further gain high-class technical expertise in the area of ceramics to study and develop new products that meet customers’ needs.
Shinhan Ceramic first opened a new division for the development of the fine ceramic industry based on its advanced technology and accumulated expertise.

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