Agricultural Tractor[INQ. NO. 1907M04] KUKJE MACHINERY, with its inception in 1968, has been positioning itself as South Korea’s representative agricultural machinery maker over the past 50 years. With its goal of “Improvement of the level of human-beings’ lives through machinery,” the company has been engaged in manufacturing and selling of agricultural machinery including tractors, combines, rice-planting machines, etc. and industrial engines.
KUKJE MACHINERY strives always to meet users’ diverse needs with various line-ups ranging from compact tractors (below 30-horsepower) to medium-and large-sized ones. Among them, KUKJE MACHINERY produces its most popular product known as the “5025 Cabin tractor,” based on the fact that the model has been gaining the highest reputation among the existing similar ones, in terms of completeness.
This model comes with state-of-the-art audio and radio systems, and provides the drivers with broader front and back views, ensuring that the model can provide the operators with the most efficient working environment in a comfortable environment. KUKJE MACHINERY promises it can be a best partner for your business when you make your decision for the product. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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