Aluminum Circles, Sheets & Coils aluminum sheet produced by Saint Enterprise Co., Ltd. can be used for manufacturing all kinds of aluminum cookware, parts of electronic goods such as back panels of LCDs, LED PDP, cases for mobile devices and mobile phone batteries, auto parts such as EV battery cases, ECU cases, engine covers, heatproof plate of mufflers, and various other industrial uses.
The aluminum extrusions including profiles and tubes are used in the fields of electronics, construction, transportation, automotive parts, plant conveyor and equipment, heat exchangers, solar energy industry, etc. In particular, they provide excellent capability and competitiveness for machining extrusion parts such as CNC milling.
The 1000 Series, applicable to utensils, decoration, reflecting plates, printing plates, and heatproof plates, is easy to process and weld, resistant to rust with high conductibility of electricity, heat, and low strength.
The 3000 Series is applicable to utensils (F/P, inside of rice cooker), aluminum cans, materials for interiors and exteriors of buildings, and mobile phones.
The 5000 Series, applicable to soundproof walls, materials for interiors and exteriors of buildings, and parts of electronic tools, is easy to process and weld and offers superior soundproofing.
The 6000 Series, applicable to IT equipment & facilities, motor materials, and automatic equipment, is easy to process, resistant to rust, featuring superior surface treatment.
The 9000 Series, applicable to kitchen utensils, features milky surface after anodizing and improved the strength.

Saint Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of DaeHo AL, a company famous for superior aluminum circles, sheets, coils and aluminum extrusions at home and abroad. The company exports to Panasonic, Hitachi, Sumitomo, Toyota, etc. in Japan and other countries including China, Taiwan, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar, Australia, Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Canada, Thailand, Iran, and Ethiopia.
Total annual sales are over US$170 mil.with a total area of the property about 20,000 sq-meters with 220 employees. Many overseas enterprises have already been appreciating the superior quality of the company’s aluminum products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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