Stainless and Plastic Pipe Couplings Pipe Repair Clamp Joints Metal Co., Ltd. has 31 years of experience in manufacturing stainless and plastic pipe coupling & pipe repair clamp joints. Its technical capacity in this field has been highly appraised by many clients, not only for its comprehensive applications, but also for saving expenses.
The YN-coupling joints, because of their great flexibility and economy, are steadily replacing the flanged pipe joints nowadays, from various industrial plants to vessels. These YN-coupling joints not only eliminate welding costs, but also prevent any linear expansion and deflection of pipes by welding repairs.

Grip Ring Coupling, Multi Flex Coupling and Repair Clamp Hinge
YoungNam-couplings are the easiest way to join and repair pipes of all materials. They require no special tools or pipe-end preparation. YN-Couplings come fully assembled and are ready to install. A torque wrench is the only tool required to do the job. YN-Couplings are used to join and repair any plain-end pipe or tube including steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, FRP, PVC, CPVC, C900, copper and CuNi piping.
YoungNam grip couplings join plain-end pipes with axial restraint. YoungNam grip coupling provide pull-out resistance in excess of the couplings rated working pressure. Whether for pressure or suction lines, thick or thin wall pipe, YoungNam grip couplings are installed quickly, safely and economically.
Due to the unique design of the teeth, anchoring effect is progressively increased as internal pressure increases. The engagement of the teeth into outside surfaces of the pipe provides for electrical conductivity across the pipe joint.
YoungNam repair hinge is a split in half coupling and open split version of Multi flex, offering all the YoungNam repair hinge benefits, plus being able to make repairs to service pipelines.
With YoungNam repair hinge coupling, leaks due to faulty weld joints, pitting holes and short cracks can be temporarily or permanently repaired with minimal down time. The split gasket design can be wrapped around the pipe and installed without pipe disassembly. When used to join pipe ends, YoungNam repair hinge coupling provides the same flexibility features as multi-flex design.
YoungNam repair hinge couplings require the pipes to be axially restrained. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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