Steel Pipes a Consistent Production System in the Automotive Industry
Since its foundation in 1976, JESCO Co., Ltd. has been responsible for providing one of the automotive industry’s axes to establish a consistent production system (slitter + Jo Hall (Hall) + cutting, etc.) with a sense of duty.
Currently, JESCO is recognized as a manufacturer of ERW small diameter pipes with high tensile strength and high Mn. Under the company’s motto, “Let’s become more accurate, more modest, and more honest,” JESCO has been striving to secure the best quality in local as well as overseas markets.
The company is now devoting itself to establishing a global infrastructure to provide clients with the best products such as refrigerant small diameter steel pipe (Φ 4.0 m/m) for electronics and aluminum header pipes for the automotive and electronic fields. The company wants to communicate with its customers for its development on the basis of challenge, innovation and creative mindset.

Producing Steel Pipes for Headrest, Steering Wheel, Gas Pipe, etc.
JESCO produces steel pipes that support headrests and seat frames in automobiles mainly, such as seat handles and power steering, along with airbags, fuel and gas pipes. The products meet the needs of its customers in various sizes of pipe production.
Based on computer-controlled systems, their minimum tolerance control is adjusted, according to customers’ requests. The company uses a nipple filter to minimize inner bead and warrants its products with two-colored thermometer based on high reliability for welding abilities.
Including low and high hardness, a wide range of production line is available. With constant tests using the Eddy-Current tester, quality criteria are continuously increasing along with maintenance management to produce high-quality products.
The company leads small diameter automotive pipe fields with its know-how and technical skills proven and demonstrated over 37 years in the market. Its R&D staffs comprise 10% of the workforce, while the company invests more than 2% of the annual turnover in research and development. The R&D team is involved in research planning, management, product design, mill tubing technology, reliability estimation, and verification. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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