All-In-One Smart Bicycle Wheel Co., Ltd. is a global small giant company that develops and manufactures power mobility for the next generation. Hycore started development of its dual motor system in collaboration with Hanyang University in September 2012.
The dual motor system is the technology that synthesizes each torque and speed from two motors. Hycore owns more than 30 patents to protect the relevant technologies and intellectual property rights in Korea and many other countries.
Hycore is a drive solution provider with expertise in motor engineering, motor control, and integrated clouding computing. Targeting the global market, Hycore has been attending the biggest international bike shows, including Interbike (USA), Eurobike (Germany) and Taipei Cycle Show (Taiwan) and CES (Las Vegas, USA). In 2018, Hycore won a prize at the D&I Award at the Taipei Cycle Show.
Hycore T1 is an All-In-One smart bicycle wheel that contains all the necessary components of an electric bicycle within the form of a bicycle wheel. It is a revolutionary self-powered electric wheel that can turn any conventional bicycle into a fully electric bike by simply replacing the standard rear wheel with T1.
The Dual Motor technology of Hycore T1 ensures better battery efficiency and great performance. Even its detachable battery was designed to make charging easy.
Just take out the battery and plug it into the charger any place you want. The detachable battery can charge anytime and anywhere.
HYCORE T1 comes with a mobile app that synchronizes the wheel and smartphone via Bluetooth. The mobile app controls locking, tracking system, and checking the overall status such as battery usage, speed, and travel information.
Hycore T1 is a user-focused product which allows users to choose the case design of their preference. T1 Tri-spoke frame is customizable with different colors and designs to suit each customer’s taste and style.
Hycore T1 provides cyclists one of the best ways to get an E-bike that is affordable, applicable, and powerful. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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