Diamond Tools

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryARIX G3 Saw Blade
[INQ. NO. 1909M02] The diamond tip of general blades incurs problems of segregation as the diamond particles are distributed irregularly. However, as ARIX technology, the unique technology of Shinhan Diamond, is applied to the ARIX G3 Saw Blade, the diamond particles are distributed evenly in a three-dimensional array method, thus lowering the cutting load. In addition, due to long product life and superb cutting force of which the value is recognized in the global market, its products are being very warmly welcomed globally in various construction sectors.

ARIX Core Drill
ARIX core drill, boasting the best cutting force, shows excellent performance when drilling high- strength or reinforced concrete. In particular, the company ceaselessly researches and develops the technology for enhancing product life along with superb cutting force.
Shinhan core drill equipped with its pollution-free technologies (no-dust, no-vibration, and low-noise) has been designed to be applied diversely with the optimal conditions to crushing work of concrete structures and various rocks and the construction sites handling various kinds of rocks. Also, this product has come to be used in large applications, such as excavators.

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