Stainless Power Joint[INQ. NO. 1909M13] Dasung Tech Co., Ltd. was established to improve the construction quality of stainless steel pipe joints dramatically and is playing a key part in developing the facility construction field.
On this account, of antirust long lasting hygienic stainless steel pipe joints, Dasung Tech developed the construction method of double-ring crimp-type joint that can be linked in a more convenient, safe, and economic manner without a welding process. SP-JOINT, the abbreviation of Stainless Power Joint, is non-welded crimping style joint that links stainless steel pipes for general piping work.
For SP-JOINT, the crimping method is used on the joint unit with an exclusive crimping tool, and there are rubber ring for EPDM tap water and STS304 material of STS ring, called double-ring crimp-type joint, in the product.
The company developed the construction method of double-ring crimp-type joint for stainless steel pipes in a more convenient, safe, and economic manner with dry type crimping tool.
SP-JOINT is used water supply, hot-water supply, heating, fire piping, and cold & hot water piping in buildings. Also, it is applied to water supply in ships, hot-water supply piping, underground pipelines for waterworks, wastewater and drainage piping, and other piping works for various machines and devices.
SP-JOINT can be used with 0°C~120°C of water temperature. The serviceable temperature of EMPD rubber ring inserted in SP-JOINT product is –40°C~+140°C. The life of EPDM rubber ring is 45 years when it is consistently used in 80°C, and 114 years in 70°C.
Dasung Tech acquired certification in 2007 from the Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association for the first time in the field of stainless pipe joints; developed the world’s first double-ring circular crimping method using a rotation gun and produced the product and crimping tools to allow easy fast and economic installation; and contributed to the invigoration of stainless pipelines by applying the product and the tool to drinking water supply, water supply, hot-water supply, heating piping, fire piping, and water supply, hot-water supply and piping in ships. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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