Spherical Bearings

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1909M19] Samyoung’s spherical bearings have more capacity in rotational force, and more resistance to deflection caused by vertical load and negative reaction, compared with other manufacturers’ products. Also the bearings effectively absorb the horizontal forces and momentum caused by temperature, wind load, impact load and seismic load and increase the durability and function of the bridge.
Samyoung’s spherical bearing is registered as an “Excellent Product” by the Public Procurement Service of Korea. This bearing’s special characteristic is that it has an extra removable plate on the fixed upper plate of the spherical bearing and can be separated by sliding the removable plate when the bearing needs to be repaired or replaced.
This characteristic of the bearing makes it possible to repair or replace it by using only a small lift without disturbing the functioning of a railway or road, so the work can be done while the railway or road is still in operation.
Also because the bearing is easily replaceable and repairable, the work can be done during the day and also it takes less time for such work; labor costs can thus be saved compared with other spherical bearings. Furthermore, its spherical bearing has a ring-type anchor, which increases shear strength reduction so it can be more firmly installed than other similar products (Patent No. 10-935373).

Elastomeric/Rubber Bearing
Samyoung’s elastomeric bearing was registered as an “Excellent Product” by the Public Procurement Service of Korea in 2019 and its product is rated as outstanding compared with other manufacturers of bridge bearings, thanks to application of the “Rotational Anchor System.” This anchor has rubber washer and rubber rings between the anchor and the lower bolt, so during the installation process the anchor can avoid the reinforcement bar of a bridge pier, and also when the bearing needs to be replaced or repaired, this bearing takes less energy and time for the work (Patent No. 10-1668465).
In addition, to this elastomeric bearing, a luminous magnet-gauge is attached to measure the exact gradient, and any abnormal function of the bridge. Since this gauge is magnetically attached, the gauge can be removed to avoid any interruption during installation and cause no damage to the bearing.
Also, by using this gauge, there is no additional equipment is needed to measure for maintenance and also measurement can be done from a long distance and by its noctilucence characteristic, measurement can be easily done at night (Patent No. 10-0801571).

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