Air-conditioning Systems & Heater Systems[INQ. NO. 1909M27] DongHwan Ind. Corp. was established in 1979 as a manufacturer and suppliers of vehicle heating and A/C systems, and pioneered the technological development for Korean production of HVAC systems.
The company has grown into a leading company in Korea that continuously invests in research and development of cutting-edge technology, and high product performance and quality.

Bus Air-conditioning Systems
A feature of the on-roof-type of bus cooler is classified with 1 Piece (Couch Bus) and 2 Pieces (Intra-City Bus) and is much easier to set up and repair as necessary due to coming in simple shapes.
The aerodynamically designed slim exterior (190-210 mm) reduces vehicle height and fuel consumption while driving. The cooler’s casing has excellent corrosion resistance and is designed based on high temperature of 45 ~ 55°C to guarantee performance even in harsh environments and climates.

HVAC Unit (Air-conditioning Systems)
HVAC stands for Heater, Ventilation and Air Conditioner, and is a single unit called integrated air conditioning that combines heater and ventilation devices.
The air-conditioning system, which is linked to the engine cooling system to control the heating, cooling, and dehumidification system, keeps the interior of the vehicle pleasant. It provides an optimal indoor environment for drivers who spend their time in the driver’s seat, thus improving safe driving and work efficiency. In particular, it guarantees a pleasant working environment even in the harsh summer season.

Pre-heater systems (Parking Heater)
When it comes to Pre-Heaters, two types of this product are classified with DHP-150 and 180 which adds devices called “Water Pump” and “Pre-Heater” to the basic line of hot water heaters for vehicles.
These supplementary heating systems can be heated quickly even in cold winter temperatures without heating by the engine, and can increase engine durability by reducing engine oil and cylinder wear. This product is applied to special vehicles such as military trucks, tanks and armored vehicles, and is also used for the purpose of engine practicality and heating in cold weather.

Automobile Heater
The heater system of various models includes the Centralized Heater and Deluxe Heater mounted in the bus passenger compartment, the HVAC of the driver’s seat of the bus and the driver’s Heater mounted on special vehicles (SUVs, Vans), special vehicles and agricultural machinery. In addition, excellent heating capacity and comfort make the in-vehicle environment more comfortable. Heater Core made of aluminum improves and lightens the heat exchange function and is also eco-friendly. It is easy to maintain and repair compared to complex system configurations. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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