Strainers[INQ. NO. 1910M07] Since its establishment in 1989, WOOSUNG FLOWTEC Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing and supplying strainers for offshore and onshore construction with 30 years of accumulated know-how.
The main clients are domestic large and small shipyards and construction companies, and both of them and our company are trading, and the company also deals directly with overseas shipyards and construction companies.
The company manufactures all types of strainers and is the first domestic strainer manufacturer to satisfy the needs of domestic and foreign customers with various materials and quality, competitive delivery time and price.
WOOSUNG FLOWTEC’s strainer is a filtering device in the pipe to filter foreign substances and there are the tee type, bucket type, Y type and temporary type.
The function is the same for each type, but it is divided according to the position of the pipe, the type of fluid, the opening ratio, and the differential value and it filters the foreign substances in the pipe first, and can be manufactured in various materials from 1/2 inch to 100 inch or more. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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