High-end Sushi & Gimbab Machines

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M20] Lucky Eng Co.,Ltd. has been putting a lot of efforts for about 30 years into achieving the goal of making high-quality sushi- and gimbab-making machines. Based on its skills and experience accumulated over a long time, it specializes in manufacturing and distributing sushi machines, gimbab machines, rice dispensers, rice ball machines and packaging machines.
Lucky Eng is striving to become a growing company that satisfies customers by developing new ideal items to increase the quality of its products and differentiate them, competing in the global market, and supplying quality products at low prices.
In addition, Lucky Eng manufactures machines for making sushi, gimbab and rice noodles and rice dispensers that produce and provide high quality gimbab, raw rice noodles, sushi and rolls not only to famous hotels, E-mart, Lotte Mart, Homeplus, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, but also various franchises, and the company has been recognized for its competitiveness in terms of quality and price.

High quality sushi machine + Automatic arrayer LSR-370 A/B/C + SAS
This machine automatically transfers and arrays sushi rice that have been molded from a high-quality sushi machine.

High quality gimbab /California roll machine ( LCR-700 (Sheet type/ Roll type)
The most important point when making gimbab is to spread rice evenly on a sheet of dried seaweed making sure that the grain of rice is not squashed or broken, and anyone should be able to make it easily and quickly. So, we have recently released an innovative digital machine that solves these issues.

High-quality gimbab / California roll cutter LCC-105
It is compact and designed to fit in even narrow spaces with strong power.
The keyboard is like a slim pantagraph keyboard, which is very thin. There is a built-in touchpad in the thin key cap and it has a mouse button to be used in Touchpad Mode under the keyboard.


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