Skid Steer Loaders[INQ. NO. 1910M18] PSD Heavy Industries’ skid steer loaders established their competitiveness in terms of their cost efficiency as they are affordable while having high performance compared with other rival products. There are three types of PSD’s Volkan series skid steer loaders:
The PSL190D model, weighing 3.4 tons, is used mainly for construction and road-pavement sites and is also found on modernized large-sized farms to take care of livestock excretions and other tasks.
The PSL180D model, weighing 3.2 tons, uses the same components as the model described above and is a smaller version of it. Like the aforementioned model, it can also add air-conditioning and heating functions.
The PSL150 model, weighing two tons, is the smallest of all. But, it boasts high performance compared with other similar loaders and is effectively designed to conduct jobs in narrow construction sites or in small livestock pens.
The hydraulic pump component, which is the most important element of a skid steer loader, is comprised of an HST pump, a gear pump and a driving motor produced by Danfoss, a world-renowned hydraulic part manufacturer, to enhance safety quality. The engine is produced by Daedong, an engine manufacturer that exports its engine products to the North American market and other nations around the world, in order to increase durability.
Lastly, the driving chain, which is manufactured by Tsubakimoto, does not require seasonal tension adjustments, while boasting long-lasting durability.
The company’s skid steer loaders are all designed to properly distribute their weights, having higher loading-capacity performance compared with other rival products. In addition, the long wheelbase and joystick can reduce the fatigue of a driver so that he/she can carry out jobs carefully and safely. Volkan series skid steer loaders have obtained major international certifications such as ISO9001, CE, CU, ROPS and FOPS.
Volkan series skid steer loaders’ photos or video clips are available via YouTube, Instagram or Facebook. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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