Titanium Weapon Parts (Warhead)

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1910M24] Titanium is twice lighter and stronger than steel. And, it is used for core parts of aerospace and defense industries as it will not be corroded in the sea for 100 years and is extremely heat-resistant. However, the price of the metal is about 100 times higher than that of steel and ten-times higher than that of stainless steel.
Nevertheless, titanium is used for some weapons to reduce weight. By changing a warhead with a range of around 300 meters into titanium, MTIG could extend the range to 1,200 meters. It is also manufacturing bullets that are outstanding in terms of penetration capabilities. Moreover, it feels good to the touch when using titanium as a material for triggers of guns as it has a layer of oxygen on the surface and is highly thermal. The reason why titanium is expensive and hard to be manufactured into parts unless processed with machines is that it has an HCP (Hexagonal Close-Packed) crystal structure and a very good reactivity with other elements.
MTIG has increased the productivity by around 100 times compared with existing parts manufactured with machines thanks to the Titanium Powder Injection Molding Process, which utilizes titanium powder and plastic catapults. As a result, MTIG can produce the world’s cheapest titanium parts, lowering prices to the level of those of stainless steel machining components.
MTIG can easily manufacture any 3rd dimensional and complicated titanium gun parts. In addition, its all-day and all-year automated continuous manufacturing has lowered the production costs. In particular, MTIG has secured raw materials through its own technology by directly producing titanium powder and has also succeeded in directly producing all facilities and equipment needed for all manufacturing processes.



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