KNF(Korea Non-Ferrous Metals), Aluminum Plates/Sheets/Extrusions[INQ. NO. 1910M42] Korea Non-Ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. is a company that provides total services related to aluminum plates, sheets and extrusions. The company’s main aluminum products are directly supplied to aluminum plants in the USA, Italy, Germany and Korea, and other nations around the world, at affordable prices.
The company has the largest quantity of high-quality aluminum such as ARCONIC(ALCOA), SLIM FUSINA, ALERIS and others in Korea. And, such aluminum products are used for aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, automobile, LCD, OLED, semiconductor and other industries. It also provides aluminum plates, sheets, bars and coils. And, its main products are A6061, A7050, A7075, A5083, A5052, A2024 and more.
The biggest merit of the company is that it is able to prepare the aluminum products ordered by customers within a day and supply them in a timely manner thanks to its stocks of a wide range of products. The ordered products can be precisely cut into the sizes requested by customers and even provide warehousing services for them to get their products when necessary.
Its aluminum products can be delivered to customers without any deformation. To this end, the company has obtained ISO9001 quality management certification and the environment certification of ISO14001. It has recently acquired an international certification of Aerospace Standard AS9120 to meet particular requirements of the aviation & defense industry, boasting the quality well-received by many markets around the world.
Korea Non-Ferrous Metals, as a company with a long history of 32 years, has been providing aluminum to over 1,000 customers since its establishment in 1987. Its main customers are Samsung, Hyundai Heavy Industries, KAI, the Korean Air, and so forth. What’s more, it was selected as a hidden champion company by the Korean government in 2019.
Korea Non-Ferrous Metals has four local branches (Asan/Sacheon/Busan/Seoul) and one overseas branch in Suzhou, China. In particular, the Sacheon branch is specialized in manufacturing aerospace aluminum to have competence in the sectors of aerospace & defense. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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