High-Precision Transmission & Clean Rack & Pinion (CRP)

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1911M13] This product of SEJINiGB Co., Ltd. is a precision reducer of less than 1 arcmin which realizes high precision, high rigidity, light weight, and a wide reduction ratio, and can be applied to various industrial automation sectors.
Examples of its applications include articulated collaborative robots, indexing systems, digital printers, MC magazines, high performance antennas, and armored vehicles to transport K10 ammunition (defense industry).
The XQ Power series is a high-precision, high-rigidity and acceleration/deceleration power transmission system and can realize a wide range of reduction ratios.
The CRP Series is a rack and pinion that moves straight and can run at high speed (10m/s) with no lubrication.
SEJINiGB is awaiting feedback from various users. The company is making endeavors to keep every customer happy by combining technology, products and services nicely. In addition, the company is devoting itself to development and research with a sincere attitude to grow into the world’s best speed reducer manufacturer.

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