Industrial Chemical Aerosol[INQ. NO. 1911M05] NAMBANG CNA has specialized in manufacturing chemical aerosol products used industry-wide since its establishment in 1980. NAMBANG CNA is able to complete the whole process on its own from making liquid to gas filling in aerosol cans with its subsidiaries which are NABAKEM and NAMBANG FC.
With the brand name ‘NABAKEM,’ NAMBANG CNA has focused on only one field so that it was ablet to become the No.1 leading company for chemical aerosol in South Korea.
NAMBANG CNA has a varied product line range: anti-rust agent to make metal surface’s good condition last a long time without corrosion; mold release agent to help mold in die-casting to maintain its status; lubricant to decrease friction between two surfaces; coating for PCB insulation coating; cleaner for sticker remover, PCB cleaner and paint-remover; rust remover from minor rust to stainless scale remover; and specialized products such as products for welding and power plants.
These aerosol cans are a necessity for MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) in all industrial areas. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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