Light-weighted Fogger(FONY M-5.5L)[INQ. NO. 1911M24] SAMMI GLORY CO., LTD. has been supplying various kinds of ‘public health’ and ‘beauty products’ since its establishment in 2002.
SAMMI GLORY has recently released a new generation of innovative equipment, a light-weighted fogger, under the brand name FONY M-5.5L.
FONY M-5.5L is a hand operated minimal smokescreen/smoke fogger. It can prevent foot-and-mouth disease, swine flu, bird flu and other virus diseases. The capacity of the chemical tank is 5.5L, which is an increase from 2.7L. It weighs 6.5kg, which is lighter than the normal fogger. It is a compact, ultra-light, high performance portable fogger.
It can be used in pest-intensive areas such as barns, pig farms, factories, mountains, outdoor, houses, landfills, sewers and warehouses etc. It is effective in preventing foot-and-mouth disease, and virus disinfection.
The starting method is a tube pump which can be simply started by pressing down on the tube, and the weight is lightened by not using a heavy battery and a compressor motor. The chemical injection quantity is 24 L/H max, the fuel tank capacity is 1.7L, the fuel consumption is 1.2L/H, and the engine power is 11.6kw/15.6hp/10000kkcal.
With D-type and 4 AA-type battery, it can be used anywhere without electricity. This product does not get clogged fuel nozzles and can be used for long time with minimal maintenance without trouble. FONY M-5.5L is high-performance products that reduce size and weight and improve performance.
With its wide global networks and know-how from its accumulated experience, SAMMI GLORY has had business relations with long-term business partners in 50 countries and is enlarging its business fields and networks more every year.
SAMMI GLORY is always trying to seek 100% customer satisfaction through an excellent quality control system. Moreover, through forward-looking business process by forming technical partnerships with overseas related companies, this R&D center is focusing on manufacturing the world’s top products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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